Hi! My name’s Tiffany, I’m from Winnipeg, and I’m currently living the “Pura Vida” in Costa Rica! I started buying things for my trip here and there for the past year, and I’ve had a countdown on my phone since the day of my acceptance, but it didn’t even hit me that I was going to experience such a surreal life here in Costa Rica until I got here. I tried to not have any expectations of the country, family, school, etc before leaving… but I didn’t think it would be THIS amazing!

The best way to describe Turrialba, the town I’m staying in, would be that it is scooped up like a little bowl surrounded by tropical mountains. Every single time I go outside my classroom at the highschool or even look out the window, it’s breathtaking how extremely close the Turrialba Volcano is, and just how beautiful a country could be.

Speaking of highschool, I was placed in a class with people two years younger than me, and I was a bit nervous at first, but I’m less than two weeks in and I’ve made some friends that have unreal patience with my progression in learning how to speak Spanish and how different all of this is to me. I honestly could not be having a better experience than I am right now.

As for my family, from the first day I got here I have felt like I am their actual child. I was planning and preparing myself for homesickness… and I was wondering when it was going to hit me, considering I thought it was a must. Honestly, I have been here for a month already, and there has not been one single day that I have felt homesick. These “Tican” people are the most genuine, friendly, and lovable people I have ever met. Even though I am a foreigner, I have not felt out of place for even one second.

Check out some insane pictures I have taken in and around Turrialba. It sure looks like a giant vacation I would take if I were in Canada right now.. but nope! Just an average day in beautiful Costa Rica.

– Tiffany


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