A unique summer experience! Spend 1 week – 8 weeks in Tokyo, Kyoto or Fukuoka, Japan studying Japanese at a language school while learning about the culture, city and people. A build-it-yourself program, there are many options to suit your needs! From classic Japanese classes, to conversational classes, traditional culture classes or pop culture classes, along with the option to stay with a host family or an on-site dormitory, you can make your summer in Japan just what you want!


Japan is available in:



1 week +

Opt for a 1 week course or combine a variety for a longer stay and more experience!

Currently Unavailable


Students can choose from Dorm stay (Tokyo Only), Guesthouse, Private Apartment or Homestay with a Japanese family. Please note: homestay is the only option only for students under 18 or supervised dorm stay in Tokyo.


There is no language requirement for Genki Jacs; however, students must memorize the hiragana alphabet prior to the start of their program.

It will be necessary for students to complete a language test at the time of their application to determine their language level and program start date. Students are encouraged to study prior to their departure.


With campuses in Fukuoka, Tokyo and Kyoto, students can choose from a variety of class levels and courses such as pop culture, conversation and traditional culture courses. With small class sizes (maximum of 9 students!), in-class activities, guest instructors, field trips and real-world situations, students will not only improve their language skills but also have the opportunity to engage and immerse themselves in the local culture of Japan.

Japan at a Glance

Population Population

127 Million

Capital City Capital City


Known For Known For

Bento Box Lunches, Shrines, Anime, Cherry Blossoms, Martial Arts, Noh Theatre, High Speed Shikansen Trains

Currency Currency

Japanese Yen

Language Language


Say Hello Say Hello


Program Fees


Custom quotes provided based on duration and program inclusions. Contact YES Canada to build your customized program.

What’s Included for the Student Exchange Program?

  • School Registration and Placement
  • Host Family Recruitment, Screening and Placement
  • Food and Lodging with Host Family
  • Full and Comprehensive Medical Insurance provided by Guard.me
  • Pre-Departure Orientation in Canada
  • Arrival Orientation in Host Country
  • Monthly Monitoring and Progress Reports
  • 24 hour Emergency Support Overseas
  • Academic Support
  • Arrival Greeting by Representative from Partner Organisation and/or host family
  • Round trip ground transfer between final host port (airport, train or bus station) and host family home
  • Provision of Program Documentation: Orientation manual and other materials to prepare for student exchangeAnd
  • The Opportunity to LEARN-TRAVEL-EXPERIENCE!

Additional fees the student is responsible for include:

  • Airfare (While the airfare is not included in our pricing, we can help you find the best deal and recommend travel sites)
  • Passport and Visa Fees (if required)
  • School supplies, uniforms (if required), cafeteria lunch (if required) or extra-curricular activity fees
  • Personal Spending money while abroad
  • Transportation to and from school for some students, dependent on where the host family is located. Some students are required to take a bus or train, while others walk or bike to school. This is dependent on where the host family is located.
  • Any cancellation, change or program addition fees as issued by YES Canada or the partner organisation.

*Please note that YES Canada reserves the right to modify and update program options, leading to changes in pricing. Please note that pricing may be subject to change. Please note which program term the posted rates apply to, if the term you are applying for is not posted please inquire.

*Note: Students from the Atlantic Provinces, Quebec, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, or private schools may be subject to an additional tuition levy of $1000. Note that whether a student participates in a one-way exchange or hosts an international student in their home, a reciprocal exchange occurs at the school level. As such, the tuition free exchange is provided when a Canadian student travels abroad and an international student assumes their place in the local school or school board.  In instances where a reciprocal exchange cannot occur within a school board/province a levy may be charged. Please email info@youthedservices.ca for more details about fees and the participating provinces/school board designations.

Find more information on what's included in the program fee, additional fees, payment schedule and cancellation policy, visit our Program Info page here 

Cancellation Policy

  • The $500.00 application fee is non-refundable, and due upon submission of the application to YES Canada.
  • In the event of cancellation after conditional acceptance either all or a portion of the host country deposit is non-refundable (approximately $500-$1000). Please inquire for specic country details regarding non-refundable deposits (Dependent upon destination: France, Belgium, Australia and Spain have higher cancellation fees at this stage).
  • In the event of cancellation after full acceptance but prior to confirmation of the host family placement, 35% of the program fee is non-refundable.
  • In the event of cancellation after confirmation of the host family placement, 55% of the program fee is non-refundable.
  • In the event of cancellation after partner company visa documents have been issued 65% of the program fee is non-refundable.
  • In the event of cancellation less than 30 days prior to departure 75% of the program fee is non-refundable.
  • In the event of cancellation after program commences 100% of the program fee is non-refundable. 
  • In the event the program is cancelled by YES Canada a refund will be given.
  • Please contact YES Canada for any COVID-19 specific policy details.

*Some countries vary from the standard policy. Please inquire.
*Extenuating circumstances will be considered. All cancellations must be received in writing.

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