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Our programs are custom built for your success and every single element has been considered and developed through years of experience and expertise. On this page you will find a detailed overview of all the different elements that make our programs safe, supported and successful.

Exchange Explained

When your journey takes you to the great unknown, you want to know that your travel partner has got your back. That’s where YES comes in and we are a travel partner that has seen it, done it and written the handbook (literally)!

Our experience in travel and successful study abroad programs stretches back over 20 years. We take our responsibility towards your entire experience seriously and maintain a family driven ethic in everything that we do. For this reason we are confident that you will notice the difference with YES from the moment you enroll to the years long after you return home.

Here’s how we do it:


  • YES Canada walks you through the application process
  • We get to know you and your family in a one-on-one interview discussion
  • We work with our partner organization in your host country of choice who will provide you with a host family and school placement where relevant 
  • We provide you with all of the documents including medical insurance for your trip
  • Participate in a pre-departure orientation with the YES Canada team to prepare for your exchange

Bon Voyage – you depart from Canada prepped and ready to begin your program


  • Our in-country partner provides our programming once you are abroad 
  • A partner representative or your host family meet you at the airport
  • You are transferred to your new host or dorm location
  • You receive an in-country orientation to introduce you to your new surroundings
  • You will receive regular monitoring and check-ins by the local coordinator in your host country
  • 24 hour emergency support is provided in Canada and at each destination site by our experienced staff

Have fun and soak up your amazing experience abroad!



Congratulations—you are a proud owner of the YES Canada Certificate of Completion! Welcome to the Alumni Network!

As part of our alumni network you can:
  • Utilize your experience to help others prepare for theirs
  • Assist us with Canadian and international orientations
  • Partake in some of our domestic trips and meet international students
  • Join us on international student trips here in Canada as a student leader
  • Share your knowledge and join our team as a student recruiter in your local area
  • Meet other exchange students and share your story

Home away from Home

As a student travelling with YES Canada, we want you to find a home abroad. We work tirelessly to match you with a family or accommodation that will not only make your stay comfortable but also add to the experience and heighten your understanding of the culture. Hotels are for tourists; get ready to live with the locals!

You have 2 accommodation options

Host Family

Living with a host family is your opportunity to gain a true insight into the everyday and the extraordinary of life in your chosen destination.

You will be provided with a host family placement that will be the foundation of your experience. Your host family will provide you all meals in the family home as well as a comfortable environment and foundation from which to explore your exchange or experience.

Some important information about your host family:


All families are required to take part in a detailed screening process, interview and evaluation before they are accepted to take part in the program.


Family stay or “homestay” is our most common accommodation type and is provided as part of our Classic, Group, Summer and also partially as part of our Boarding School programs.


Your placement will be based on years of experience and we look at factors such as motivation, similar interests, family composition, location and willingness to share their culture and home.


You will be provided with a host family profile which contains basic information about your host family including their contact details so that you can get in touch to break the ice.


Families in Canada and across the world come in all different shapes and sizes and this is true of your host family. Family compositions range from the “nuclear family” to single parents and everything in-between. This experience is about people as much as it is about culture and living with a different family will be part of what makes your program unique.


Dorm-stay is a fantastic way to meet locals and fellow travellers alike and is mainly integrated into our programs that require boarding or that call for a more independent accommodation type.

Some important information about dorm-stay accommodation:


Dorm-stay accommodations are provided as part of our Boarding School and select Summer programs.

Some programs such as our Boarding School experience, integrate a dorm stay element within a monitored private school setting, and a weekend homestay accommodation; giving students a focused school experience in addition to a relaxed family atmosphere at weekends.


Our dorm-stay accommodations are all inspected to meet the high quality standard ensured throughout our program range.


Programs such as the Summer or language school experiences provide a more independent dorm arrangement, designed to nurture the propensity of any nomad.


If you are applying for one of our high school programs, chances are you will need to think about your academic plan for exchange.

YES Canada programs are designed as a learning experience that focuses on cultural and language exploration. We are confident that the experiences you have on your exchange will contribute greatly to your personal and academic growth and help you to stand out from the crowd whether you graduate into the world of work or further study. Academic credits are however granted at the discretion of your school and school board, it is important that you speak to your high school guidance counselor who can help you to design a study program that works for you. We want to support your brave step into the world of exchange:

Before You Leave

Consult with your school administration and fill out the YES Canada Academic Planning Document with your Guidance Counselor.

We suggest you discuss some of the following strategies with your guidance counselor:

  • Correspondence or equivalency credits
  • Online courses
  • Summer school options

On Exchange

Based on your academic plan you may need to collect necessary grades/test scores required as part of your plan.

A successful exchange student will balance academics with their cultural experience by taking ownership and planning well – at the end of your exchange you will be the proud owner of a YES Canada Certificate of Completion as well as the ability to structure and manage your workload like a pro!

For more information and advice on academic planning, please consult our YES Canada Academic Planning Guide or speak to your Admissions Coordinator.

Your Support Network and Services

Every participant in the YES Canada program worldwide is provided with a comprehensive support structure which is designed to be there when you need it and give you the space to explore the experience when you don’t.

Your peace of mind is our peace of mind and so our staff across the world is there for you as a support network from start to finish. All the great explorers had exceptional support crews and your experience will be no different!

Meet Your Team

Admissions and Program Coordinator in Canada

From the moment you submit your first application you will be allocated an Admissions and Program Coordinator. This member of YES staff will work with you throughout the applications process, prepare you for your departure with hints, tips and important information and conduct your official pre-departure orientation.

You can check in with your Canadian coordinator at any time and they will also connect with you periodically throughout your time abroad and when you get home to see how you got on and welcome you to our alumni network.

Your Local Coordinator

When you arrive in your host country, you will be introduced to your local coordinator. They may be waiting for you at the airport or meet you within the first few weeks of arrival. This person will be your local contact for any support you may need outside of your host family and school life. Your Local Coordinator wants you to have the best experience possible!

Your local coordinator will also check in with both you and your host family periodically to discuss how you are doing and to give you a chance to talk about anything that’s on your mind. We create a report based on this discussion or our monthly direct check-ins for our monitoring purposes and to share with your parents if applicable.

A Family Experience

We’re here for you and your parents too. If you are a high school student travelling with YES, we understand that this is an experience for your parents/guardians too. For this reason we involve all parents/guardians from the moment we receive that first application and throughout your experience abroad.

Our team in Canada will be in regular contact with parents of YES Canada exchange students in both the preparation stages of the application and also during the program to send monthly report updates on progress. We are also around to field any questions, concerns and provide feedback in between each check-in so parents/guardians can feel supported and part of the entire experience.

Emergency Line

The emergency line is an after hours phone line staffed by our team 24/7 in Canada. An additional emergency line is provided to students in-country. You or your parents/guardians can reach us here should any kind of emergency arise. 

Visa and Travel Documentation

For most programs longer than 3 months and for shorter-term visits to select countries, a travel visa or specific travel documents may be required to gain entry.

Our support for your program includes visa and travel guidance through the provision of supporting documentation to help you prepare for your arrival.

Documentation provided can include:

Host family/accommodation details or profile

High school acceptance letter for exchange students

Insurance confirmation and documentation

Travel authorization forms

Letter of acceptance to program for all other programs (if required)

Every YES Canada participant will be provided with comprehensive medical insurance for the duration of his or her program of choice. Some students may be covered by Guard Me which covers up to $2m worth of medical expenses. Other students will receive coverage through our in-country partner’s insurance policy.

What’s Included

We charge specific fees for each program, destination and duration and these are all available on our website so that you can plan financially. Please visit each program and country page to learn more about the pricing for your program of choice or visit our Promotions page.

What is Included in the Program Fees?

Host family recruitment, selection, screening & placement.


Food and accommodation arrangements with a host family (or boarding school accommodation if program selected). The majority of host families are volunteers unless otherwise noted.


Arrival orientation in host country (length and format dependent on country).


Monitoring by local area coordinator and periodic progress reports.


Full and comprehensive medical insurance. It is the student and parents’ responsibility to assess this policy and ensure it satisfies the student’s requirements. Additional insurance or changes to the standard policy will be at the student/parents’ expense.

Provision of the host family information, health insurance policy, and school acceptance letter required for the visa. (if required).


24hr Emergency support overseas and in Canada.

Pre-departure orientation in Canada.


Round-trip ground transportation between final arrival airport/train station and the host home.

Airport greeting by representative from partner organization and/or Host Family.

Program documentation: orientation manual and other materials to prepare student for exchange.

Please note: some inclusions may vary for the short-term group programs, or summer programs. Please clarify in specific program literature or with the admissions coordinator.

What is Not Included in the Program Fees?

Passport and Visa fees


School trips, host family trips or activities not covered by the program fee, extended/optional in country orientations.

Transport to and from school, if not provided free of charge by school.

Any cancellation, change or program addition fees as issued by YES Canada or the partner organization.


Personal items and expenses including but not limited to extracurricular activities, optional trips while on exchange, entertainment, cell phone plan, meals away from the host families home (dining out at restaurants, cafeteria/school lunches (required for some countries)) toiletries, and social activities.


Flights, train and bus tickets

Tuition, should a private school option be selected. A public school option will be provided as well.

Students applying from a non-designated/reciprocal exchange school board may be subject to a $1000 levy.


Language classes or tutoring if required to meet language requirements or as requested by host school.

School supplies including but not limited to: textbooks (if not provided) and course materials, uniform (if required), as well as subject and/or extracurricular fees.


Supplementary dietary needs/food surcharges may apply if specific diet must be accommodated by host family or supplemented by student.

What is a Non-Reciprocal Exchange Tuition Levy?

The YES Canada reciprocal student exchange program allows students to participate in a cost effective tuition free exchange and provides the opportunity for Canadian students to travel abroad for study and international students to attend school in Canada. When a reciprocal exchange occurs within a school board tuition fees are offset, where this cannot occur a levy is applied. In these areas YES Canada will act to negotiate contracts with school boards to enable the levy to be waived, however this cannot be guaranteed.

Note: Students from the Atlantic Provinces, Quebec, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, or private schools may be subject to an additional tuition levy of $1000. Note that whether a student participates in a one-way exchange or hosts an international student in their home, a reciprocal exchange occurs at the school level. As such, the tuition free exchange is provided when a Canadian student travels abroad and an international student assumes their place in the local school or school board.  In instances where a reciprocal exchange cannot occur within a school board/province a levy may be charged. Please email for more details about fees and the participating provinces/school board designations.

Payment Schedule

  1. $500.00 (non-refundable application fee) due with the submission of the full application.
  2. Host Country Program Deposit due upon conditional acceptance. (Please note fees are specific to each exchange country).
  3. 35% of the remaining program fees are due upon receipt of the full acceptance letter.
  4. 40% of the remaining program fees are due 95 days prior to departure.
  5. 25% of the remaining program fees are due 35 days prior to departure.

Payments can be made via wire transfer, credit card or electronic transfer. 

The application fee invoice is included with your full application. A full program fee invoice will be issued at the point of conditional acceptance. It is your responsibility to note the payment due dates and make payments accordingly.

Want more info on YES Canada Programs?

Contact Us

Cancellation Policy

1. The $500.00 application fee is non-refundable, and due upon submission of the application to YES Canada.
2. In the event of cancellation after conditional acceptance either all or a portion of the host country deposit is non-refundable
(approximately $950-$2500). Please inquire for specific country details regarding non-refundable deposits.
3. In the event of cancellation after full acceptance but prior to confirmation of the host family placement, 35% of the program fee is non-refundable.
4. In the event of cancellation after confirmation of the host family placement, 55% of the program fee is non-refundable

5. In the event of cancellation after partner organization visa documents have been issued 65% of the program fee is
6. In the event of cancellation less than 30 days prior to departure 75% of the program fee is non-refundable.
7. In the event of cancellation after the program commences 100%of the program fee is non-refundable.

8. There will be no refund of orientation program fees once the student is accepted.

* Please note that some countries vary from the standard policy

*Please note that YES Canada reserves the right to modify and update program options, leading to changes in pricing. Please note that pricing may be subject to change. Please note which program term the posted rates apply to, if the term you are applying for is not posted please inquire. 

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